Tanning Magic - The 5 Minute Spray Tan

Look bronzed and beautiful. Get a fabulous tan in minutes with Tanning Magic. Norvell is recommended by the health care community, for spray tanning. Think about it condition your skin while getting a tan. This is just the opposite of other alternatives. Tanning Magic is the trend in the tanning industry. Tanning Magic only uses the best in the industry used by model, dancing with the stars and actresses and actors. Your Tanning Magic is natural looking, just off the beach glow.Doneonly by a spray tanning certified technician.
Your Tanning Magic will last approximately one week. We have great Norvell products that will prolong your tan.The tanning solution is aloe Vera and water based. DHA is the bronzer that will begin to activate with-in 2-4 hours after application by a certified technician. 
The DHA is derived from sugar cane which interacts with the amino acids in the skin cells, which produces the color change. The moisturizing formula is infused with pro-vitamins which boost the skins inherent glow. This creates a customized shade of color each time. Call today! (586) 718-7500

Tanning Tips - Before You Arrive...

Here are the tips to get the best Healthy Tan!

Do a thorough exfoliation 1-2 days prior with a body scrub and scrub glove/washcloth. Follow with a good moisturization... Shave the day or two before your tan, not the day of it. Exfoliating the dead skin is very important. This will ensure that you get the best results from your tan, one that lasts the longest with the most natural look and fade. Healthy skin tans best!

On the day of your tan, take a shower with water only before your appointment. Don't use soap, lotions/oils, shaving, deodorant, or perfumes that day. It is okay if you apply makeup earlier on the day of your tan, just rinse it off prior to your tan. It's best to rinse off shower right beforehand. I do have makeup wipes, too, if a shower right before is not possible.

We recommend loose, dark clothing to wear afterward. During your tan, plan to wear underwear or a swimsuit. For women, wear atopless (or a strapless bra), that way there are no tan lines for any type of top you wear.!

Post-Tanning Tips - After Your Appointment

For maximum life of tan stay out of any water for 10-12 hours after your regular spray tan (3 hours after the Rapid spray tan), that includes showers, washing your face, workouts and sweating. Your tan will last the maximum amount of time if you can wait 16 hours to bathe or shower.


Regular Full-Body Tan $28 / Package of 5 sessions $115

Rapid Tan (No waiting! Shower in 2-3 hours) $38 / Package of 5/$160

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